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Sue McPhee, Storycrafter

Performing Artist of the Spoken Word

.....among many other things....

Improvisation has been defined as:

~The act of "foreseeing or providing for

the occasion."

~A performance given without planning or


~The act of performing spontaneously.

~The practice of making and creating

in the moment in response to one's

environment and inner feelings.

Why do we do it?

Remember how much fun it was as a child to “make believe?” To just let go and be free to pretend? With improv you get to go back and re-experience that freedom; re-live those fun moments while bringing out the erstwhile actor/actress in you.

Why take an improv workshop?

You get to:

~Learn something new

~Challenge yourself to be comfortable

with surprise

~Get past "editing" yourself

~Approach life from a fresh, new

and free space

~Have an opportunity to live in the

no judgment zone

For information on Sue's Improvisation Workshops, click here.